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Dream of an Acacia Tree puts you in the shoes (roots) of a mighty African acacia tree! Your thorns, toxins and wits will protect you from dangerous herbivores, but you must be careful. Producing poisonous tannins in your leaves requires a lot of energy, and like the real life acacia tree, you must learn which threats require the extra energy to protect yourself. That's right, acacia trees are a fascinating plant that make choices based on their environment. It is hard for us to think of plants using what we would call "intelligence" but the truth is plant behavior is very complex. This isn't to say plants are "intelligent" or "self aware" as we are, but they are complicated, wonderful things that eat sun and poop oxygen, and that should be enough for anyone.

While you engage the fascinating botanical world of tree behavior, build the skills you'll need to handle threats far beyond the savannah! Master the basic game and unlock an exciting second adventure with intrigue, adventure, romance and more. Just like the original Zelda that the kids like so much!*

*Please note: this is the only way in which this game is like the original Zelda that the kids like so much.

Become the ultimate tree!


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